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Testing & Assessments

Throughout the course of the school year students will participate in a variety of tests and assessments. Often times, parents and community members ask why different assessments are used, what is the difference between the assessments, and how these assessments impact instruction.

The assessment of student understanding is essential to the educational process. Teachers use a variety of assessment data on a daily basis to monitor student understanding and individually adjust instruction to meet the needs each student.

We believe that all students can learn and that "Every Student, Every Day" matters. Cambridge-Isanti Schools support using multiple pieces of information when assessing student learning. Standardized tests are only a part of the total system of results used by teachers and administrators in planning and implementing educational programs for our students. Teachers, grade level and department teams, and curriculum teams use assessment results to map out strengths and areas of need for individual students, groups of students, and curricular programs. This continual monitoring and adjusting of instruction is important, necessary, and effective work.

See the information below on specific details of each assessment (purpose, subject matter, time of assessment and how results are shared).

Student Progress and Growth Monitoring

The primary purpose of student assessment in Cambridge-Isanti Schools is to provide information to help improve student achievement through instruction and program design. The assessment plan employs a variety of assessments and standardized tests. Assessment data is reviewed with both growth and proficiency in mind. The data received from testing helps the District analyze student progress and District curriculum, learn which programs will be most helpful for each student, and hold the District accountable for offering the best possible education for all students. The areas below provide additional information on specific tools used to support student progress and growth monitoring.


The Cambridge-Isanti Assessment Calendar provides an overview of assessments that are administered state-wide, district-wide, or school-wide. The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards and also meet federal and state legislative requirements. The Measures of Academic Progress (MAP/NWEA) are tests that are given locally that are used to monitor student growth throughout the year and over the course of multiple years.

Committees and Roles

District committees exist to support the continued efforts to ensure all students have positive learning experiences, resulting in academic and social/emotional growth. A process of systems accountability is established through the specific flow of information and levels of decision making authority.

Patrick Morrow

Patrick Morrow

Data and Assessment Coordinator

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