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Chromebook Support

Instructional technology involves using an assortment of teaching tools to enhance student learning. In days gone past, technology included transparencies and overhead projectors, film strips and projectors, and slideshows.

In today's classroom, tools may include a range of items, from calculators and PowerPoint presentations, to laptops and other electronic devices.

In the virtual or e-learning environment, instructional technology encompasses computer-based courses, online databases, and synchronous (real time or direct) and asynchronous (indirect) teaching and learning.

Synchronous learning requires participation in events such as live discussions, chat sessions, or real-time lectures. Asynchronous learning materials are available online at the learner’s convenience, and include such items as assignments, resources, discussion boards, and previously recorded lectures or presentations.

Technology in the classroom has changed dramatically over the last 20 years with the increase in use of mobile devices and the utilization of information acquisition from the internet.  

Many schools are taking advantage of and seeking ways to blend the learning environment.  This leads to the implementation of virtual, digital, or e-learning opportunities.  

Students in the 21st Century expect access to instruction and classroom resources in a 24/7 environment.

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